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MODEL - M210

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Gas injection controller is the IV generation device fulfilling rigorous standards regarding fuel dosage and performance quality. Constructors’ team has worked out control algorithms of LPG injectors based on control signals of gasoline fuel injectors where real- time corrections are calculated for every injector separately. Thanks to it is needless to prepare the map of LPG injectors (as it was in older constructions of controllers) and to use OBD emulators.

A great advantage of the controller VERSUS is the possibility of mapping of LPG injectors’ expenses towards gasoline fuel injectors during calibration drive, which simplifies and shortens the time of device installation in a car and respectively raises the quality of control and reduces fuel consumption. It increases versatility of the controller- assembling and calibration

processes are irrespective of type and brand of a car as well as of used mechanical components (reducers, injectors). It is possible for assemblers, who are accustomed to older generations of devices to calibrate controller in a traditional way by manual modifying the composition of mixture.

Advantages of ECU VERSUS
Supply of the LPG-AIR mixture to the cylinders in the optimal phase of the engine cycle - corresponding with the cycle used by the injection of gasoline
Simplicity in service, configuration and diagnostics of the system
Compatibility with EOBD
The system can be adapted to fit engines with Sequential, Half-sequential and non sequential Injection system.
The system can be fitted to Turbo-charged engines
Properly calibrated system allows to get the same driving dynamic on LPG as on Gasoline
Sophisticated software. “Creating map” allows precise calibration of the engine supplying with LPG
Diagnostic/assistance tools in the software
Environment friendly - complies with exhaust emission standards EURO 2, EURO 3, EURO 4
Clear, simple, user friendly interface allowing for time efficient service.
Fully automatic operation including automated switching from LPG to petrol when the LPG tank is empty
Eliminates Backfire and possible consequential damage of intake manifolds, air filters and housing or flow meters
Availability for 3, 4,5,6,8 – cylinder Engines.

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